Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Announced Integration of Latest WordPress 3.7.1

Good news for the customers of the, a company specializing in ASP web hosting who recently announced about its new service i.e. the integration of the latest WordPress 3.7.1. The company makes available various features of WordPress 3.7.1 to their customers, for their convenience and ease of use. 

The first feature it offers in the visual editor, images with captions will not be visible in a broken form. If anything needs to be search or few other notices, then there is a warning which may occur in certain setups. It provides good support for language packs. It provides you with a great level of security as strong passwords are built for WordPress security. Hierarchical sorting get fixed in get_pages (), exclusions in wp_list_categories (), and in_category () when called with empty values.

It also allows you to update your sites from Which are running on old or poorly configured servers and also continuously check for updates?

When WordPress functions are incorrectly called very early by certain plugins, then it avoids fatal errors. The company is specialized in web hosting for those projects which are based on Microsoft SQL Server, Windows, ASP.NET, and many other products of Microsoft. One additional advantage which offers their clients is their low price with their many services of the web hosting who is using the technology of very expensive or high price variety. This differentiates the company from other companies.

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